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Basye/Wexler Adventure 2021

View off our Jungle Treehouse balcony, Puerto Rico

Saw so many birds while kayaking on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant.

Murrells Inlet Beach, seen from our apt.

Boston skyline, Charles Street

Street Art, Dublin

View of ocean from Sandmount, near Castletownbere

Lee River, Cork City

James Fort and Charles Fort, Kinsale

June 8, Denver

June 3-8 Delray Beach, Florida

May Puerto Rico

April-May 1 New Orleans

Apri 2021 cont.

Mt. Pleasant and Charleston, South Carolina. So much history!

April 2021

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. This historic fishing town had great beaches and lots of excellent seafood.

March 2021 cont.

Boston! After exhausting our visas in Ireland, and with the rest of Europe experiencing a third Covid lockdown, we made our way back to the US.

March 2021

Started in Dublin. What a great city! Very walkable, and beautiful parks. The Liffey bridges have been fun.

February 2021

We now live outside Castletownbere, a small town on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork County. It's one of the largest fishing villages in Ireland and the starting point for many hikes in and around the peninsula. We're staying at a house called Sandmount, off a gravel road that takes you directly to the ocean, about 1/8 mile from our house. The house has been in the O'Leary family since the 1800's.

January 2021

We moved to Cork City in Ireland, the second largest city in the Republic. It's a very old city, with a lot of history. St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, next to where we're staying, is on a site that has been a place of worship since the 600s. The city is defined by the Lee River.

December 2020

Our first stop was Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, a lovely seaside village in the south of Ireland.

Kinsale has an interesting history. It is known for the battle of Kinsale. Here is a link to the whole story:

The gist is Kinsale was the site for the ultimate battle in England's conquest of Gaelic Ireland, which began in October 1601, near the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and at the climax of the Nine Years' War. There are two amazing forts to visit, James Fort and Charles Fort. Look for pictures of our walks to both in our photos.